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Tale Of Titania - A New Found Addiction

Tale Of Titania is a 3D fantasy browser turn-based strategy multi-player online game from Spicy Horse Games; published by TEC Interactive. It is set in a Tale Of Titania world where all your favorite characters come to life and battle to death! At the start of the game, players can create their character by choosing from a wide variety of magical fairies, each with their own unique aesthetics and attacks. The gameplay in Tale Of Titania can be compared to series such as "Worms" where players must take turns aiming their attacks and accounting for projectile drop in order to land hits against their opponents. The further the opponent is, the more you must compensate the angle and power of your attack. Each character type within Tale Of Titania has their own style of attack, with some characters wielding large cannons, wizard staffs, and bows. Each weapon presents a new style of attack which has its own aiming and damage characteristics. Players have access to several game modes including PvE, 1v1 duels, training and team-play. As players finish a round they are rewarded with new items which can be used to customize their characters play-style. Items can grant players new weapons, increased HP, special abilities and more.





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Cash Shop

Cash Shop

TEC Points

TEC Points are the Tale Of Titania Cash Shop currency and can be used to purchase goods that give you certain advantages in the game. Our choice of payment methods is designed for the maximum possible coverage worldwide.

10 EUR - 18.000 TPBuy
25 EUR - 50.000 TPBuy
50 EUR - 110.000 TPBuy
100 EUR - 240.000 TPBuy
10 EUR - 18.000 TPBuy
25 EUR - 50.000 TPBuy
50 EUR - 110.000 TPBuy
100 EUR - 240.000 TPBuy
10 EUR - 18.000 TPBuy
25 EUR - 50.000 TPBuy
50 EUR - 110.000 TPBuy
100 EUR - 240.000 TPBuy
10 EUR - 18.000 TPBuy
25 EUR - 50.000 TPBuy
50 EUR - 110.000 TPBuy
100 EUR - 240.000 TPBuy
10 EUR - 18.000 TPBuy
25 EUR - 50.000 TPBuy
50 EUR - 110.000 TPBuy
100 EUR - 240.000 TPBuy


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If you keep on believing, the dreams that you wish will come true; There is nothing to fear in a fairy tale world; Time for a butt whooping supreme; Nine lives, one destiny, in a Tale Of Titania world!; Spread your wings and let the fairy in you fly!; Sometimes you have to believe before you can see


This over-educated, hyperctive, wonderfully competent (and very cute) juvenile delinquent's vacant smile is deceiving. His jaw was broken during an altercation with some doltish authority figures, and it's wired shut. Several of the combatants are still in hospital. Some are in the morgue.

5% chance for critical attack when using physical weapons.


This capable feline dandy, with his taste for custom tailoring and fat rodents, has a serious itch that's difficult to scratch. Having won a King's admiration through deception, and having cleverly dispatched a hideous ogre and appropriating that beast's estate for his master, he's wondering what he's going to do for a third, and perhaps final, act.

5% less damage agaisnt physical attacks


Part Ninja warrior, part bombshell in disguise, this white-hot wire takes grave offense if you even look at her funny. SHe has a job to do. Keep your eyes to yourself or the grave aforementioned, might be your own.

5% additional damage when using physical weapons


Though expert in all manner of weaponary and warfare, Mulan's many enemies have encouraged one another to find her softer, more vulnerable, so-called feminine side. SHe is a woman, after all. But such seekers, without exception, have been sorry for their search. None found what they were looking for, nor liked what they found.

5 %chance to dodge physical attacks


This capable package of blue-eyed soul has forsaken his once flourishing musical career for something more in the sphere of public-works. His reputation for cruelty, money-grubbing, mruder, and for possessing nefarious expertise in the black arts of enchantment is probably completely over-blown. Probably.

5% chance for critical attack when using magical weapons.


Many have been beguiled by her bright eyes and calm demeanor. Many have been the joyful and unrequited recipients of her largesse. Some foolish few have sought a kindness from her rose-bud lips. Beware! She may respond to unsolicited approaches or requests for assistance with extreme prejudice.

5% reduced damage from magical attacks.


The bloodless Grim Reaper harvests the souls of those whose time has come. Attired in a ragged cloak, perhaps the winding sheet from a moldering corpse, his naked skull shows signs of some unwilling victim's futile resistance. His icy hands, more potent than mechanical claws, seize what they want without anger or joy. He is nothing if not fair.

5% additional damage when using magical weapons.


From a distance, the trim figure, the lush coiffure, and the milk-maid garb persudes the most discriminating admirers of the female from that they have glimpsed a woman. But on closer inspection the handsome sideburns, and the emerging five o'clock shadow, makes them wonder why and whether there is a dagger in her bodice.

5% chance to dodge magical attacks


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